Hello. Welcome to my website.

I create a range of one off and limited edition textile items such as bed quilts, wall hangings, cushions, garments, bags and cards.

I like to use a variety of techniques; - Hand painted, dyed or stencilled fabrics combined with embroidery, patchwork and quilting. I enjoy trying lots of different things in my work. I'm fascinated with cloth, threads, yarn, beads, braids, sequins and buttons to create exciting textures and surfaces.

In Archive you will find my past work. It shows my textile development. Some pieces of work can be significant milestones in my creative journey.

My biography, gives a brief outline of my past.

Gallery Shop is where I have some works for sale.

In workshop you will find some techniques or activities that you can try.

I hope you will enjoy my site and will visit again.

Avril C Clark